Online Teachers Needed To Teach Online Alternative Education for K–12

Online Teachers Needed To Teach Online Alternative Education for K–12. Online learning has become the most popular method of educating our children, in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have accelerated its growth. More and more parents and students are turning to virtual education. Online private schools have emerged as a viable solution rather than traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. With this rise comes the increasing need for Teachers to work online, helping our students to accelerate to be the best that they can be. We have that solution all figured out, and we are ready to welcome new teachers.

Many people believe that teaching online is just like teaching a child that you see in a classroom every day, but that’s not true; online teachers need to have a unique set of strategies and abilities. They need to feel at ease working in a virtual setting. This calls for the ability to interact via written language, video conferencing, and other tools.

So, if you are sick and tired of keeping such a strict routine, “WE NEED YOU”!!! Or, if you want to achieve something amazing with your student base, use your own personality to reach as many students as you can imagine, and we will pay you what you are worth.

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Want To Know How This Works?

We are creating this new program so that teachers can have the freedom to share their passion for their work while they give pupils a safer, more engaging, and more interesting method to learn. Online Teachers can truly educate students from around the world thanks to this distinctive platform. They will also be able to determine their own earning potential. The Salary Structure is explained below.

Many states have provided funding for homeschooling since the pandemic outbreak. If you want to check to see if your state has set aside these funds, see the link below. This effective marketing strategy may be able to help you build your student base. When we accept you into the program, the FMS Vortex system will grant you access to your back office. You will receive a Zoom link and instructions on how to create a YouTube channel there.

On your YouTube channel, you will introduce yourself, the grades and subjects you will be teaching, and your own unique style and technique to teach those subjects. Although we still want good, quality education, we also want excitement, uniqueness, and enthusiasm in presenting your subject matter to the student. Remember, your ability to appeal to a potential student or parent determines your pay. The more attraction and appeal you have when presenting yourself as a teacher, the more potential you have to earn.

Our goal is to gain EXPOSURE for our teachers while branding them. In some cases, this will directly attract STUDENTS to them, and they will receive compensation.


Or check out this site for funding for homeschooling:

Online Teachers Pay Structure

You will want to know how much your pay will be, just as with any other program or job. There is nothing special about this program. Your salary will be excellent and entirely up to you since you’ll be an independent contractor. You can earn as much as your time permits. Your ability to attract students to your platform will determine how much money you make because each class has a cap of 500 students and you can teach numerous grades and subjects.

You will have access to other programs you may promote through our FMS Vortex platform. Also, You will have access to the programs inside the FMS Vortex, plus you will be able to use the teaching platform. You can share it with friends and family, and advertise yourself. The choice is yours. As an independent contractor, you will have nearly unlimited earning possibilities in this program.

Pay Structure For The Online Teachers Program

  • When a student begins a class, we will add $.50 to the teacher’s wallet. If the teacher is teaching 100 students in a session, it is $50 for that session. 500 students would be $250.00, etc. Max is 500. If more students sign up, they would need to go to a different class or teacher, by design.
  • In Grades 1–8, Students are permitted to attend up to 5 classes daily.
  • For grades 9–12, students may attend up to 6 classes daily.
  • The pay structure will be set up in the FMS Vortex system. Your Zoom classroom fee will be covered when you sign up. Training for YouTube will be given, as well as instructions on the curriculum material.
  • As part of the FMS Vortex platform, you have the ability to earn more income by promoting the goods and services offered in the program. Also, you have the potential to build a large customer base or even a partnership with teams not only in the United States but around the globe.

Guidelines and Requirements For Application

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We want to make sure that our instructors, teachers, and tutors will be outstanding because we want our online education program to be top-of-the-line, unique, and different from other platforms. We want our teachers to not only have an education but also be kind, compassionate, exciting, and enthusiastic. No couch potatoes or those who are only there for the money will be allowed.

Because of how we structure this program, If you are not above average, you will not succeed in making the income you want. Keep in mind that the pupils are going to lean toward you because of how attractive you make it look. Even though we will use marketing to draw students to the program, it is entirely up to you whether they choose you as their teacher. Remember, we pay you per student, not each class.

Requirements Needed For Teaching Online With Us

  • You need a 4-year teaching degree.
  • Must have experience in the teaching field. Retired teachers and College graduates can apply.
  • Must have a love of teaching and have something extra to offer outside of the ordinary. We are not looking for someone to just earn a check.
  • You will join the FMS Vortex, through DTCA. This payment structure will be used.
  • You need to create a YouTube channel and video showcasing your unique qualifications, and talents, and present yourself to your potential students and their families. (Training and instructions will be provided)
  • Dedication and commitment to the program.
  • A willingness to be above reproach and to set higher standards in education than the traditional school systems.

We Appreciate Your Interest In Our Online Teacher Education Alternative and Want To Thank You!!!

Do you feel that you meet the qualifications above and the criteria, and are interested in partnering with us to spread the word about this awesome program? If so, please fill out the registration form below.


Here are the questions that we ask you when you select the Upload Resume button above.

  • Name – Type in your First and Last name – no nicknames, please.
  • Email – An email that you would use to conduct your business with your class
  • Address – this is the physical address that you live at
  • Phone Number – a phone number that we can contact you at
  • Comments – Don’t put none. Tell us about yourself, and how you would stand above all the other applicants. What makes you shine and how you would attract students?
  • Who recommended you, or where did you hear about us? Please enter “DTCA#35234780 – Marilyn Fox Lewis”
  • What subjects and grade levels are you comfortable teaching? DO NOT put “Any”. Put in something like “I have taught grades 9-12, English, math, and music with an emphasis on Math – especially calculus”. Or, “I have taught 12th grade Science, with Biology as the Major.”

Some friendly reminders when you fill out your resume:

  • When you write your resume please include where you taught (What Schools, City and State) and the dates (Sept. 23, 1999 – Jan 18, 2022) – Very important,
  • Subjects that you taught – maths, languages, science, etc.
  • Also, list at least 2 references – not relatives. The Principal of the school you taught at. Another teacher that can tell us who you are.
  • Most of all, put your personality into your resume!

You are welcome to contact us regarding this or anything available on this Community Information System. See how by going here.