Pay Structure for Online Teachers

Below is the information on the pay structure for our online teachers. As with any program or job, you want to know what your pay will be. This program is no different. Since you will be an Independent Contractor, your pay is exceptional and is essentially determined by you. You can make as much as your time will allow. With each class maxing out at 500 students and your ability to teach multiple grades and subjects, your pay is only hindered by your ability to draw students to your platforms.

Below you will see how the pay structure is set up the online teachers program:

  • When the Student Accesses a Class, $10 is Credited to the Wallet of the Teacher per student per call per month. So if they are teaching 100 students in a session, it is $1000 for that Session for the month. 500 would be $5000.00. And so on. Max we allow is 500. More need to go to a different Class or Teacher. By Design.
  • No Break in pay. Pay structure set up on a 12-month pay cycle.
  • Students permitted to Attend up to 5 Classes Daily Grades 1 through 8.
  • Students Permitted to Attend up to 6 Classes Daily Grades 9 thru 12
  • Pay structure will be setup in the FMS vortex system. Your zoom classroom fees will be covered upon signup. training for YouTube will be given as well as instruction on the curriculum material.
  • As part of the FMS vortex platform, you can also earn more money by promoting the goods and serves offered in this program as well. You have the potential to build a huge customer base or even partnerships and teams for not only in the United States but throughout the world.

Criteria and Requirements For Application:

Help students learn at home in a safe, secure and fun environment with an online teacher who loves to share their knowledge with students.

As we want our online education alternative to be exceptional and different from any other platform, we want to make sure that our instructors, teachers and tutors are also exceptional. We want loving, compassionate, exciting, enthusiastic as well as educated teachers in our program. No couch potatoes or others out just looking to make a paycheck.

The way this program is setup, if you are not exceptional, you will not make the money you are looking for. Remember, your attraction is what will draw the students to you. Although we will have marketing to get the student base into the program, whether they select you as the teacher is strictly in your hands. Remember, you get paid per student. Not per class.

Here is the Criteria we are looking for in our online teachers:

  1. Need a 4-year degree in teaching
  2. Experience in the teaching field. College graduates and retired teachers are encouraged to apply.
  3. Must really love to teach and have something to offer outside the ordinary. Not looking for someone to just earn a check.
  4. You will need to join the FMS Vortex, through DTCA. This is the payment structure that will be used.
  5. You will need to create a YouTube channel and video showcasing your unique qualification, talent and introduce yourself to your potential students and their families. (Training and instruction will be provided)
  6. Dedication and commitment to the program
  7. Willingness to be above reproach and to set a higher standard in education from the traditional school systems.

Cost and fees:

As we are not getting government funding to open our school, we ask that the teachers help offset the cost. Although we will gain most of the income from the student enrollment fees to pay teacher pay, some of the technical and support fees will need to covered by the teacher. Look at it like operation costs. As an IC status teacher, these fees can be tax deductible.

So, let’s look at the fees involved.

  • $50 – Annual enrollment: As a private school we report all staff for taxation purposes and operational function. Because you will be part of Brainfood Academy, this is your own private yearly access to operate within the confines of our program.
  • $59.95 – Monthly access fee. Due to the fact that we are building our own foundation for curriculum, resources, and student base, we need a strong security system. As a result, we have purchased the aid of some the most skilled IT gurus in the market. Partnering with ZOOM platform, they have combined their knowledge to build a platform for Brainfood Academy second to none. If you are familiar with technology and security, it is not cheap. In order to help keep the cost of admission low, we ask the teacher to help offset this cost by supporting with a monthly access fee.

This access fee will cover:

  • Your own personal zoom account.
  • Your back office.
  • Resource material.
  • Security for your student base.
  • Access to your payroll dashboard.
  • Brainfood Academy Curriculum.
  • As well as any new information released throughout the years exclusive to Brainfood Academy.

So, to onboard with Brainfood Academy, if you choose to do so, will cost approximately $109.95 plus tax.

Thank You for Your Interest in our online teachers education alternative!!!

If you feel you meet these qualifications and criteria and are interested in partnering with us to spread this amazing program, please fill out the the form below. Please add in the form that you were referred by: Marilyn Fox Lewis DTCA #35234780. Thank you.

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